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This page last updated Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 Annual Members Meeting
January 5, 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 Officers
President - Art McMorris
Vice-President - Phil Witmer
Secretary - Steve Kacir
Treasurer - Bert Filemyr
Councillors to 2015 - Anita Guris, Win Shafer
Bob Horton has been named to fill a vacant Council position

Congratulations to the new Fellows of the DVOC
Cindy Ahern
Georgia Ashby
Barrie Ashby
Martin Dellwo
Dino Fiabane
Bonnie Witmer

Pictures from the meeting: (Click on any thumbnail for a larger picture)

MembersMeeting2012_01 MembersMeeting2012_02 MembersMeeting2012_03
MembersMeeting2012_04 MembersMeeting2012_05 MembersMeeting2012_06
MembersMeeting2012_07 MembersMeeting2012_08 MembersMeeting2012_09
MembersMeeting2012_10 MembersMeeting2012_11 MembersMeeting2012_12
MembersMeeting2012_13 MembersMeeting2012_14 MembersMeeting2012_15