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The funds raised by the DVOC via the 2007 World Series of Birding are being used for..........

Skinning birds, packing loans of bird specimens and shaping young minds – we are delighted to announce a new Club initiative: the DVOC internship program at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (ANSP).

For over 100 years our Club has been meeting at the ANSP and interacting with its Ornithology staff and famous bird collection. Now, starting this summer, one of the oldest bird clubs in the U.S. and one of the largest bird collections in the world are working together to train young and aspiring students in the field of Ornithology. Using funds raised from our annual World Series of Birding, DVOC is funding in 2007 two summer intern students at the ANSP Ornithology Department.

Much of these interns’ work will revolve around working in the bird collection and on the specimen database, particularly with the frozen tissue collection. Work on the type specimen collection and retrospective capture of collection data will also be a significant part of each intern experience. Interns will receive lessons in taxidermy and avian anatomy at least one day each week. As needed, the interns will help to process and pack loans of specimens to other institutions, all under the watchful supervision of Dr. Nate Rice of the Academy Bird Department. Many thanks to all who contributed this year to the DVOC team’s World Series of Birding effort: you were the people who made possible this new DVOC intern program.

Click Here to see pictures of the interns in action.

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